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Creative Gratitude Challenge

A fun challenge created to improve my mental health.

By Jaime Wedholm

While creating a vision board for 2020, I thought up a fun challenge for myself in an effort to help me manage my mental health 💖💖

I don’t typically make New Years resolutions, which is why I think ‘challenge’ is a more fitting name for it.

The purpose is to become more active, in a realistic and non-intimidating way, and to put a bigger emphasis on my mental wellness.

So here it is:

My 2020 Creative Gratitude Challenge

  • Take a brisk walk every day at sunset.
  • Snap a photo of the sunset every day.
  • Post daily sunset photo on social.
  • Write a Gratitude Journal with a list of what I’m grateful for each day (I’ve started my journal in the Evernote app so that I can include the daily sunset photos with my gratitude items).
  • At the end of the year I’ll create a collage of all my sunset photos to hang on my wall 😊😊

It’s important to remember that this is a FUN challenge, therefore I cannot fail. If I miss my walk one day for whatever reason, that’s okay because I did it yesterday, and will do it again tomorrow.

The photo part of the challenge is a creative activity that will motivate me to get outside before sunset.

Getting outside in the fresh air and moving my body will improve both my mood and mindset.

Journaling will help me to be mindful of the good parts of each day.

Here are the first few sunsets for the year!

It would be great to have some accountability partners to make the challenge even more enjoyable. Please connect with me on Twitter at @HonestHopeBlog if you’re interested.

Wishing you all happy and healthy year💖


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