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Support Matters Most

Life can be hard. Expectations can weigh us down to the point where we break down. Everyone has their limit.

Here’s one thing I know to be true – without a support system in place, we can be left feeling isolated and desperate.

I created this blog to act as a global, online support for anyone struggling with mental health. It is a safe, and hopefully uplifting place, where you may benefit from real stories of positivity.

My story

I have struggled with anxiety, depression and ADHD my whole life.

At the age of 23 I had reached a point where panic attacks ruled my days and nights. After several doctor and psychology visits, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). With this new knowledge came an immediate feeling of RELIEF. Why? Because for the first time, my entire life finally made sense!

A brief history.

I spent my childhood feeling like an odd-duck, a weirdo.

On the plus side I was generally happy with a buzzing energy most days. In junior high school, my hyper behaviour earned me a horribly embarrassing nickname – the “Bopper”… as you can probably imagine I was not particularly fond of that nickname.

I had a wicked temper and extreme lows, including two suicidal bouts – one at 14, another at 18.

I struggled in school with reading comprehension and test taking – oh my gawd it was tough to retain all the information we had to know for those brutal exams!
Having no self-awareness of my attention issues made school life quite challenging.

Of course this is just a brief summary, in an effort to add perspective to my story.

Fast-forward 20 years – now having a family of my own – and I have learned so much about my mental health. I’ve opened up to more and more people over time, and listened to others’ stories with compassion and understanding.

It has become my biggest passion to encourage others to TALK about their struggles. Too many people have suffered in silence.

Things that help me

  • Time with friends who truly get me – with whom I can speak authentically and feel heard.
  • Walking and biking, preferably in fair weather 😉
  • Being in nature – camping & beach time are my faves.
  • Colouring is an extremely relaxing, mindful and satisfying activity. It also helps slow down the buzzing bees that live in my ADHD hive 😁
  • Essential Oils – diffusing or applying them topically. Wild Orange and Tangerine oils especially help ease my anxiety.
  • Mindful meditation & yoga – slow, deep concentrated breathing is very calming.

I’ll be honest, there are still times when I struggle more than others. And I’m not perfect.

Exercise and better sleep habits are certainly things that would help me more, but those are my biggest weaknesses.

What helps me most is quality time with my husband and kids, and being with good friends who really get me – and even if they don’t ‘get’ me entirely, they accept me with all my quirks and flaws💖

At 43, I continue to be a work-in-progress. Who isn’t, right?

The most effective treatment for my mental health is having a support system of family and friends.
We ride the roller coaster together. We celebrate the highs and hold hands through the lows. Together is so much better than alone 💛


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